Owning the Water – JustWater Lent Sermon Series

Sermon preached at St Paul’s Cathedral, London, by the Revd Canon Prof John Rodwell as part of the Lent Sermon Series for JustWater.

Questions for Study Groups:

1) Compose a prayer celebrating the fact that water is a gift from God, not a tradeable commodity, something that is on loan to us as tenants of Creation. What scriptures, other writings or personal experiences most guide or enrich your prayer?

2) In an inter-faith discussion, Muslims have explained the role of ritual washing before their prayers. How would you, as Christians, tell them about the religious significance of water in your own worship?

3) A water utility, the Environment Agency and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds are together organising a conference on ‘Working with Water’ and have invited you as a local faith group to take part. What distinctive Christian contribution could you make on this theme?

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