Mission Statement

The need for water is universal. It is as necessary as air to sustain life in all its forms. Many of us take access to fresh water for granted when we turn on the tap in a way that those who walk half a day to draw water from a stream cannot. Water raises issues of justice and equity as well as being rich in theological meaning. Water-related issues look different in each local context, whether these are issues of drought or flood, rising tides or access to clean water and sanitation.

Aims & Objectives

The universality of the topic together with its locally specific context make water a wonderful subject for a global conference of churches, which is why we have come together for this JustWater programme in order to:

  • Raise consciousness of local circumstances on water-related issues.
  • Nurture shared understandings, focused upon the season of Lent and World Water Day, to weave together a compelling theological vision centered on human dignity, justice, stewardship and community.
  • Provide impetus and guidance for direct action and mutual support, equipping church leaders to be active agents and advocates.
  • Deliver an integrated programme with business, science, liturgy, education and the arts to help raise awareness, deepen understanding and build a shared community for action.

The intention of our initiative is to create a programme of events with content and resources that can be shared and adapted with cathedrals and churches around the world, working hand-in-hand with business, government and charitable organizations to accomplish more together than we can on our own.

JustWater will be a resource open to all who wish to access it. Users will adapt the programme to their location depending upon interest and local relevance. Each programme will operate independently, running within a similar time frame with shared logos and using #JustWater17 to increase reach and impact.

What Can One Person Do?

JustWater is an international programme with a wide range of events, activities and actions taking place.  Whilst most of these are being conducted by organizations, the overall success of this programme is dependent on the passion of individuals who collectively can make a significant difference.  Some of the ways you might want to be involved are as follows:

  • Explore the resources and other material available on this website.
  • Share resources and articles with your family, friends and online followers. These are a great way to start conversations about important issues and discuss what they mean to you.
  • Speak to your local faith centre, community centre or school about hosting events, activities or actions around the themes covered by the JustWater
  • Write blog posts; create videos or vlogs; express yourself through art or music. Everything you do will be of value in helping raise awareness and can be shared using the hashtag #JustWater17.  We’ll pick some of the best ones and highlight them on this website and to our mailing list.
  • Donate resources and/or time to water-related charities, particularly those that are operating in your local area.
  • Think about reducing your own water use, joining groups working to improve waterways, water quality, beaches and oceans. The resources on this site will give you some ideas.
  • Attend JustWater events and activities taking place near you. Help spread the word about these so that each one can reach an audience and make a difference.
  • Join the JustWater mailing list using the form below to receive regular updates.
  • Send through your own ideas to #JustWater17 or email us via info@justwater2017.org

What Can One Organization Do?

In addition to the suggestions for individuals outlined above, there is a central role for organizations to play in helping raise awareness and activism about water.  The four partners behind the JustWater programme are keen to be joined by as many organizations as possible.  If you are interested in your organization taking part and being listed on the JustWater website, you might want to consider the following:

  • Distribute the resources, videos and other materials available on this website to your community and followers.
  • Organize events of your own that cover themes aimed at raising awareness and activism about water. Make sure to share them using #JustWater17 and send through details to info@justwater2017.org so that we can highlight them.
  • Contact water-related charities in your area and arrange for a meeting with them to discuss how you can best help their work. Alliances and partnerships between organizations are often stronger and more successful than what can be achieved on our own.
  • Consider areas where more long-term research or substantial social programmes might be beneficial to your local and/or national community.
  • Organize community activities and celebrations that bring people together to express gratitude and joy about the vital role that water plays in all of our lives.
  • Consider how to mobilize the action of individuals both for your own work and to support the work of other organizations and charities in these areas. This could consist of volunteer organization, fundraising drives, or creative competitions to name just a few options.