Build a Bridge of Faith over Troubled Water – JustWater Lent Sermon Series

Sermon preached by Lorraine Kingsley, CEO of Toilet Twinning, as part of the Lent Sermon Series for JustWater, an international programme bringing together cathedrals and churches worldwide to draw attention to our obligation to care for God’s sustaining gift of water in all its forms.

Discussion Points:

1) What do you think the story of Bawili in the Democratic Republic of Congo can teach us?

2) When in your life have you had to trust God and depend on him to lead you out of chaos and into blessing?

3) When in your life have you been most aware of being in a spiritual battle? What did you do to protect yourself – which elements of the armour of God were particularly important to you?

4) Have you had times when you’ve had to wait and trust God for a long time? What have you learnt during those times? Did you struggle to keep trusting? Why do you think God didn’t answer your prayers straight away?

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